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PPPM initiative: OPS-English

What Is OPS-English?




Oral Proficiency in English for Secondary Schools or OPS-English has been introduced by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia to enhance the aural and oral skills of Malaysian students. This programme realizes the aspirations of the MBMMBI policy (Memartabatkan Bahasa Malaysia dan Memperkukuh Bahasa Inggeris) or ‘To Uphold Bahasa Malaysia and to Strengthen the English’. The OPS-English programme emphasizes the listening and speaking skills with incidental integration of the reading and writing skills.

OPS-English is based completely on the existing English Language Syllabus for Secondary Schools and is merely a different realization of this syllabus. This programme aims to develop the aural and oral skills  in the students. When learning a language, it is listening and speaking that starts off the foundation of a language. Reading and writing is incidental. The stronger the foundation, the easier it is to build on reading and writing, not the other way round.

OPS-English adopts a back-to-basics approach with its focus on communication skills. Vast opportunities are created for students to engage in activities that are fun and non-threatening. The activities are interactive to promote participation and empower students to take charge of their own learning. Students participate in a student-centred learning environment in pair work and group work activities that encourage active listening and speaking, active thinking and sharing of ideas. Every student is also given the opportunity to present individually and share ideas with their classmates and friends.