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Outreach Programme

ELTC Outreach Carnival

ELTC’s Outreach Carnival aims to support pre-schoolers as well as primary and secondary students in Bands 4 – 6 schools by exposing and engaging them to English language activities in order to enhance the use of the language. In addition, this carnival also aims to expose accompanying teachers to the various pedagogical knowledge through the activities conducted with the lecturers from ELTC. The participating schools are provided with a toolkit (module and resources) for the teachers to conduct follow up and follow through with their colleagues at their respective schools. This carnival emphasizes on thematic play-based activities to capture students’ interest and engagement in the activities planned by ELTC. The carnival also adheres to strategic clustering approach where students and teachers from different types of schools (SK, SKA, SJK, SMK, SAM, SABK) are strategically grouped together to facilitate professional discourse and collaborative problem solving in the teaching and learning of the English language.An array of activities has been designed based on the theme "Performance Theatre in the English Language Classroom" for the preschoolers, primary students and secondary students. These activities involve developing learners’ use of English and skills in performance theatre which include simple acts as expressing emotions and movements. 



ELTC Outreach Programme

The Outreach programme on the theme Performance Theatre in the English Language Classroom provides opportunity for preschool and lower primary pupils, as well as lower secondary students to get involved in an array of English language activities related to the theme. The programme reaches out to the primary and secondary rural schools in Malaysia to support the use of English language. The English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) Outreach programme aims at promoting the creation of an English language rich environment for students. The activities for the programme are aligned to the curriculum and encompass the approaches stipulated in the English Language Curriculum. The programme is in line with the aspirations of student outcomes stipulated in the Malaysian Education Blueprint (MEB) – Shift 1 where every child is to be proficient in Bahasa Malaysia and the English language. The ultimate goal for the programme is to develop students’ confidence in using the language. For the year 2018, the programme has been extended to six states in Malaysia: Negeri Sembilan, Kedah, Pahang, Selangor, Melaka and Pulau Pinang.