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This post-graduate course equips graduate non-option English Language teachers in secondary and primary school with language competencies, pedagogical knowledge and communicative classroom skills for efficient and effective teaching and learning of English as a second language.

Target Group:
Graduate non-option English Language teachers in primary and secondary schools

Courses in this Programme:
TSLBP2013 Linguistics
TSLBP2022 Teaching English in the ESL Classroom
TSLBP2033 Language Accuracy
TSLBP2043 Effective Listening and Speaking
TSLBP2053 Effective Reading
TSLBP2063 Effective Writing
TSLBP2073 Stories for Children
TSLBP2083 Literature for Children
TSLBP 2092 Remedial Teaching in ESL Classroom

Course Requirements for Certification:
1. Atttend Phase 1, 3 and 4 of the Face-to-Face interaction with 95% attendance
2. Complete all online tasks and assignments (Phase 2)
3. Pass 2 written assessments
4. PITO TESL Certificate as a requirement to be tagged as 'tambah opsyen' in e-Operasi (Maklumat Guru)


*audio only